« Review » Blackwood by Celia Aaron

Title: Blackwood
Author: Celia Aaron
Series: ~ standalone ~
Characters: Garrett Blackwood, Elise “Red” Vale
Published: January 8th, 2017
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐~ 4 stars

Started Reading: January 16th, 2017
Finished Reading: January 17th, 2017


I dig. It’s what I do. I’ll literally use a shovel to answer a question. Some answers, though, have been buried too deep for too long. But I’ll find those, too. And I know where to dig—the Blackwood Estate on the edge of the Mississippi Delta. Garrett Blackwood is the only thing standing between me and the truth. A broken man—one with desires that dance in the darkest part of my soul—he’s either my savior or my enemy. I’ll dig until I find all his secrets. Then I’ll run so he never finds mine. The only problem? He likes it when I run.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone mystery/suspense romance with violence and explicit/intense sex. If you need a trigger warning, then this isn’t the book for you.

(If you purchased the book during the first week, Counsellor is included at the end as a bonus. Blackwood is a 67k-word FULL-LENGTH novel that ends at 54%.)


Blackwood kept me on edge! It’s an exciting book with lots of sexyness! 😉

The first half was slower and sometimes a little boring, but I got curious with each page I read. The second half of the book is full of action and revelations.

Aaaaand… Garrett, you kinky, kinky man! That was something different! And I enjoyed his eccentric taste… So, so hot! 🙈


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